Welcome to my personal website! I just wanted to quickly run through the specs of the site:

  • Namesilo for domain name
  • Digital Ocean for hosting. I went with 3GB RAM, 1 CPU, and a 60 GB SSD. (I will explain why later).
  • HUGO static site generator

I wanted to build a personal website while learning how the internals of setting up a website actually worked. So I decided to go the more manual route instead of squarespace or wordpress or anything like that, but I also wanted to quickly create content and not have to worry about coding HTML and CSS. So thats why I went with a static site generator. I went with HUGO mostly because it was the first thing that came up when I searched for a site generator.

This is all hosted on Digital Ocean, and because of the extremely low resources to run the site, I am also running a Minecraft server on the same droplet for my friends and I. It seems to be working really well so far!

I have the git repos on the VM to automatically run the HUGO when i push to the repo so it is pretty seamless.

Thanks for reading!