As we approach FRC 2024 kickoff, I wanted to write a post about my goals for this season as a team.

Obviously, I want to win a competition as a team. That is a very large task, so I tried to break it down.

  • Have a robot capable of scoring pieces done by week 4. This means designing simple and using what we have.
  • Practice. Have a second drivebase setup for drive practice. Hopefully driving every day
  • Good auto. Having a good auto can make sure you seed high and hopefully pick a good team.

Realistically, our issues in the past have stemed from trying to do everything like 254. We really need to focus on doing one thing really well.

We also have worked in the offseason to make sure our students are prepared.

  • We did a mock kickoff.
  • Training in CAD and programming
  • Cleaned up the shop
  • Recruited new members

As a head mentor, it is very stressful running an FRC team. We are trying to become more sustainable through sponsorships, but it is tough. Especially with Lockheed Martin not sponsoring in the future.

See everyone at Kickoff!